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Dean’s Message

We are in an extraordinary time with  continuing developments in our understanding of biological sciences and its relation to the natural environment and its management. The emergence of the COVID19 pandemic has reinforced our realization of the huge impact that biological entities such as viruses and microbes can have on human health, environment, and socio-economic parameters as well as on human social behaviour. Hence the need for education in a multidisciplinary approach can not be overstated.

 In the School of Environment and Life Sciences (SELS), we strive for excellence in teaching, research, create, and share knowledge in multiple disciplines involving Life and  Environment and their interdependence. Our mission is to provide our students the necessary skills to explore new knowledge, and in-depth understanding needed to address the challenges of the modern world.

With a diverse and multidisciplinary group of faculty members, students and technical staff the SELS is well suited to study and teach in various themes, ranging from the basic aspects of the biological systems and underlying mechanisms that make up life on the planet to the terrestrial and marine ecosystems which are maintained and driven by complex forces and factors.

The two departments within the School namely, Department of Life Sciences, and Department of Environmental Science and Management continue to strive to excel and grow in-keeping with global advances in these disciplines. Major programs in the Department of Life Sciences are Microbiology and Biochemistry. The methodology used in teaching, and the curriculum structure  follow and build on similar efforts practiced in renown universities around the world.  

Our faculty members hold degrees from world’s prestigious universities, and have a strong dedication to provide a caring environment for education and research. To support research activities, we have state-of-the-art Laboratories. As part of the IUB’s broader vision, we have research collaborations with a good number of international and national academic institutions and research organizations.  Among other fields, the faculty members of the school are involved in research involving microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, as well as environmental pollution and management. Monitoring of pathogenic microbes, and exploring new antimicrobials, as well as various intervention strategies to detect and control environmental pollution are major areas of research interest in the School.

Besides, academic performance, the students are also involved actively in co-curricular and extra-academic activities.  If  you are interested in high profile research in addition to theory courses, and if you are interested in co-curricular activities, extracurricular activities and direct field experience, we believe that the School of Environment and Life Sciences  is the right place you have been looking for.

Besides employment within the country, our alumni have been accepted for higher studies in  prestigious universities in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Far East. Wherever our alumni have gone, they have excelled. Surf our website, see our faculty members’ profiles, explore our research areas and look at what current students and alumni are doing. We welcome you to  visit us, explore our facilities, talk to our faculty members, and join us in our effort to create a better world.

Professor & Dean
School of Environment and
Life Sciences

Prof Shah M. Faruque


Life at Independent University, Bangladesh


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